Terms and conditions

These general conditions and travel instructions are an integral part of the contract, references / voucher concluded by PEČELIN, prevozi in turizem d.o.o. and a traveler applying for a specific tourist arrangement.
In the event that a specific program in relation to any point of these general terms and instructions is otherwise specified, the provision stated in the program.

– A passenger can apply for a tourist arrangement organized by PEČELIN, prevozi in turizem d.o.o. at the office or telephone.
– At the time of registration, the branch office and the passenger enter into a contract, which is also a booking confirmation and contains information about the traveler’s travel arrangement, or refers to the program of the arrangement where this information is provided.
– At check-in, the traveler is obliged to provide all the information and submit the documents required by the travel program, and pay the registration fee and the booking costs.

– Unless otherwise specified in the program, the price of the arrangement includes the transport, hotel and catering services listed in the travel program as well as the organization of the trip.
– Unless otherwise specified in the program, the prices of each tourist arrangement per person for accommodation in double rooms apply.

– Special services are those services which, as a rule, are not included in the price of the arrangement (single room, special meals, optional extra trips, etc.) or are subject to additional costs (visas, airport charges, etc.) for them. Therefore, unless otherwise specified in the program.
– In the event that a special arrangement is issued for each arrangement. additional services, the traveler passes the wishes for these services upon check-in and adds them to the price of the package.
– Published prices of additional or Special services are valid only in the case of ordering and payment of these services, upon ordering and payment of the basic arrangement at the place of registration.
– During the trip, the traveler will supplement special services to the travel manager in the place where the service is provided, in the appropriate currency, if it is still possible to subscribe during the journey.

– For the day of payment, the day when the passenger makes a payment in the office or with one of the banks.
– Registration fee and reservation costs paid by the traveler at the time of registration are 30% of the price of the package, as much as indicated in the travel program. The rest is paid by the traveler when the travel document is delivered or voucher at least 8 days before the start of the journey, or as indicated in the program.
– The paid entry fee is guaranteed by the traveler, under the conditions specified in these general conditions and instructions for tourist arrangements, participation or free place in a particular tourist arrangement or travel.
– At departure, the traveler is obliged to present to the travel manager a document on the paid arrangement (referral / voucher or / and a payment certificate); otherwise, the travel manager does not accept a traveler or a traveler. arrangement.

-Cene potovanja so določene s programom potovanja ali letovanja, ter veljajo od dneva objave programa.
– PEČELIN, prevozi in turizem d.o.o. si pridržuje pravico do spremembe cene v skladu z Obligacijskim zakonikom in zakonodajo, veljavno v Republiki Sloveniji.
– O morebitni spremembi cene potovanja poslovalnica potnika obvesti.

PASSENGER TRAVEL CLOSING OR TRAFFIC CHANGE (not applicable to ski arrangements)
– The passenger has the right to a written or telephone cancellation of a trip to the branch where he applied. In this case, PEČELIN, transport and tourism d.o.o. the right to reimbursement of costs due to cancellation of travel, the amount of which depends on the time when the passenger submitted the cancellation:
– up to 30 days before departure – administrative costs of 15 €,
– 29 to 22 days before departure – 20% of the price of the package,
– 21 to 15 days before departure – 30% of the price of the package,
– 14 to 8 days before departure – 60% of the price of the package,
– 7 to 0 days before departure – the whole price of the package.
Regardless of the above mentioned cancellation costs, they can also be higher when conditions of travel organization are subject to this.
– During the journey, the passenger can only stop traveling at his own request and with a written disclaimer.
– If the traveler interrupts the trip while traveling, he / she does not have the right to reimbursement upon return.
– In the event that the conditions for reimbursement of costs arising from cancellation of travel differ in the program, the conditions set out in the program apply.

up to 45 days before departure – a refund of the advance, from which the fixed costs are deducted in the amount of 50 €,
45 to 30 days before departure – we do not refund an advance,
29 to 15 days before departure – 50% of the price of the package,
14 to 8 days before departure – 75% of the price of the package,
7 to 0 days before departure – the whole price of the package.

– The deadline for informing the consumer of any cancellation is 7 days.

– The consumer is obliged to inform us as soon as possible in writing or in another appropriate form, of any mistake he has noticed on the trip. We, as organizers of the trip, are obliged, as soon as possible, to do everything necessary to remedy the shortcomings.
– Due to incomplete or poor quality services, the consumer can claim a reasonable reduction in the price after the journey. If the scope and quality of the services provided differ significantly from the scope and quality of the services provided for in the travel contract, the consumer is entitled to repayment of the entire amount paid. In both cases, the consumer must appeal in writing within two months of the end of the journey.
– If the consumer finds himself in trouble because of unforeseeable events or mistakes caused by a third party or resulting from force majeure, the tour operator is obliged to offer him immediate assistance.